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Trumphobia in theaters!
Ventana Sur Market!
AFM 2019
Movie Premiere!
Trumphobia in LA!
Trumphobia Q&A
Charlotte Film Festival!
Women in Film Talk!
American Presidents Film Festival
Marda Loop Justice Film Festival
Social Change Film Festival
Okurelo Cine 2019
Receiving Award!
Red Carpet!
Damon Dash and I
Cooke Lens Power!
Directing the DP in LA!
Filming, Directing and more!
Camera Operator in Oregon
Dominican Republic Shooting
Me as an actress!
The crew of a Shot for Justice
Multicamera Directing
Filming in NYC Metro
Filming on the 5th Ave.
Filming in Queens
Filming in New York
Filming in NYC
Filming in Philly
Filming in Philadelphia
Filming in Washington D.C.
Filming in D.C.
Filming in N.C
Shooting in the Wild!
Filming in winter cold!
IDA Awards in Los Angeles
Cine Gear L.A. 2016
Dominican Republic Doc
Short Doc: Domincan Merengue
Short Doc: Domincan Merengue
Exit the Shelter Doc
Exit the Shelter
Working on Los Angeles set
Filming nature
Pignorance Doc
Pignorance Doc
Universal Studios, LA
Shooting in Los Angeles
Short movie: Movement
CinamFest 2014
Okurelo Cine
Okurelo Cine 2013
Ad: Multi ahorro 2013
Okurelo Cine
Ad: Antel 2012
Ad: Silueta Ideal Cabral 2012
Ad: Abitab 2012
Short movie: Mi amigo verde
Short Doc: Mogna
Music Video: Perico's plus
Animation short: Ultimatum
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